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TecPodium Lite - Interactive Screen

  • interactive pen display for annotation over any file better than smart sympodium easy save and printIt’s so easy to emphasize or highlight a message with the TecPodium interactive pen for writing on the screen.

  • TecPodium sensitive interactive screen makes it the ideal writing board even for diagrams, maps and medical applications.

    This allows everyone from trainers at army bases and city planners to physicians to clearly annotate their material for the audience without stepping away from their TecPodium lectern.

  • The supplied, easy to use, annotation software enables the presenter to annotate over any image, website, PowerPoint presentation or any other file through the computer and even live PC movies and DVD files!
    It may even be used instead of a writing board in the hall.

  • Those who have experienced TecPodium interactive screen report enthusiastically that eye-hand coordination is so simplified that the interaction is intuitive and efficient.